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Barbuto Restaurant

Barbuto  has been a safe haven over the years!

I’ve been dining at this feel good restaurant since it first opened in 2004. The incredible thing is, it has never disappointed me over those years. Every time I stop in or just walk pass the restaurant, (the scrumptious smell of roasting chickens is purely hypnotizing), I see Master Waxman having a friendly conversation with one of his many loyal patrons, or enjoying a good laugh with his co-workers - as a side note, it’s always a good sign to see the Chef/Owner at the actual place you’re dining in!

Even though I see Chef Jonathan Waxman all the time at the restaurant, I’ve never had the pleasure or the courage to say hello….. just call me poultry I guess.

It’s kind of like seeing your favorite celebrity or a cool rock star, you want to respect their privacy, but at the same time, you’re just dying to run up and shake their hand. I will always consider him a mentor, the guy is just amazing!  

Watch for our upcoming episode “Titans under the Toque”, three amazing chef’s and their cookbooks!

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